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I can’t begin to stress how much better my life — both professional and personal — improved once I got a task management system in place. You don’t quite appreciate how many things you need to remember to do until you start putting all the minutiae down in a long…

Writing Life/Productivity

Any writer worth their mettle has an odd array of notebooks purchased for one reason or another (and frequently a lack of one other than “it’s on sale” or “it looks nice”) and maybe a few pages get used for an initial purpose and then abandoned. But the notebook itself…

Get Productive

The library worker at the help desk cannot log you into your email

In my day-to-day life working in a public library, I find that I help at least someone, if not multiple people, every day with a password issue. Frequently it’s older library patrons, but not always. Sometimes they set up their email long ago and their password is remembered on their…

Get Productive

A little upfront work goes a long way in the email game

I started hearing the term “Inbox Zero” a few years ago when I was first really diving into the productivity and planner communities. Inbox Zero is a concept of email management that essentially means keeping your inbox empty or mostly empty. It’s about keeping the number of emails in your…

Amanda Mae

Amanda Mae is a librarian who has lived in too many states and enjoys anything involving books, history, and productivity.

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